Spec. Psy. Burcu AKSONGUR


Address:  Via Flat İş Merkezi  Beştepe Mah. Kat : 3 No: 87, 06510 Çankaya/Ankara Türkiye

Phone: (+90) 5325438737

E-Mail: burcuaksongur@gmail.com

Website: www.burcuaksongur.com


I was born in Ankara on January 25, 1976. I completed primary, secondary and high school education at Private Arı High School. I graduated from  Metu  Psychology department. I studied in the field of Development-Social Psychology master program at Ufuk University. I studied Clinical Psychology  master program at İstanbul Kent University.  I live in Ankara. I have 2 children. I am a Psychologist / Psychotherapist at Ankara İzana Therapy.  I have my expertise on family theraphy , developmental  and social psychology to improve the mental health and welness of individuals at any age. As a  licensed psychologist I uniquely combined the expertise of developmental and social psychology, marriage counseling, family theraphy  and couple therapy.  I intend to help individuals and couples to identify and make the changes in their personal and professional lives that enable them to enhance their life satisfaction and well-being. Offering a highly personalized approach, ı have  a goal oriented and solution focused professional . I work with individuals and couples in a collaborative manner to identify goals, build on strengths, and develop insight and skills in order to achieve results. This include promoting healthy relationships, building self-esteem, improving mood, and changing unhelpful or problematic behaviors. My  style is intereactive and collaborative. Clients feel supported as they work with them  to increase productive communication and emotional connection.

I especially interested in the role of preventive services in the mental health. According to this , I also teach at workshops, make tv programs,  work in research center in order to improve the well being of individuals. I am  a member of a prominent psychology societies in my country. I am also  a founder of child rights society who works  for the psychological well being of children. I am a commissioner of a non-govermental organization who supports mothers’ and women rights.

I took place at  Hasan Kalyoncu University Gazikent Continuous Education Center and Ankara THK University YAGEM “Family Counseling Certificate Program” tutorial. I took part in the Ankara Development Agency as an instructor in EU projects, and I had the opportunity to work with children and their families from different regions of Turkey. I  also work with expads, multicultural marriages.  I gave many seminars about family and child psychology in the educational institutions where I consulted. In addition, I make consultancy in the joint project of TÜBİTAK – Atılım University. There are regular writings of me in various magazines. I continue to share information on psychology as a guest in radio and TV programs. Lastly, I made a TV program named “psikovizyon”  in the field of psychology. By translating from foreign sources (English), I will provide resources to apply therapy and education in Turkey. I am a member of the Advisory Board of the Maternity Assembly. I am a member of Turkish Psychologists Association.Lastly, I worked on the commission on child abuse in the global strategic research associations.   I After years of experience in research, evaluation, teaching and administration both in hospital and education institutions, now I aim to make my experiences useful in the cultural field in more global projects on women’s and children’s rights.

As a psychologist, I am dedicated to providing compassionate counseling and therapy services tailored to the unique needs of my clients, fostering their mental and emotional well-being through evidence-based interventions and personalized treatment plans.

Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, [istanbl Kent University Name], [İstanbul, TURKEY], [2009]

Relevant coursework: Depression Treatment, Couples Therapy, Psychotherapy Approaches

My coaching specializations:

  1. Life Coaching: Supporting individuals in setting and achieving personal goals, enhancing self-awareness, and navigating life transitions.
  2. Career Coaching: Assisting individuals in identifying career aspirations, developing job search strategies, and advancing professional growth.
  3. Executive Coaching: Providing guidance to executives and leaders to enhance leadership skills, improve decision-making, and achieve organizational objectives.
  4. Health and Wellness Coaching: Empowering individuals to adopt healthy lifestyle habits, manage stress, and improve overall well-being.
  5. Performance Coaching: Working with athletes, performers, and professionals to enhance performance, optimize skills, and overcome obstacles.
  6. Relationship Coaching: Helping individuals and couples improve communication, resolve conflicts, and strengthen relationships.
  7. Financial Coaching: Assisting clients in managing finances, setting financial goals, and developing strategies for financial independence.
  8. Parenting Coaching: Supporting parents in navigating the challenges of parenting, fostering positive parent-child relationships, and implementing effective discipline strategies.
  9. Academic Coaching: Assisting students in improving study skills, time management, and academic performance.
  10. Spiritual Coaching: Guiding individuals in exploring their spiritual beliefs, deepening their spiritual practices, and finding meaning and purpose in life.


My Therapy Approaches: These are my a few examples of ndividual therapy specializations, and I often integrate multiple approaches based on the needs and preferences of my clients.


  1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): Focused on identifying and changing negative thought patterns and behaviors to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders.
  2. Psychodynamic Therapy: Investigates unconscious patterns and past experiences to gain insight into present behaviors and emotions, often addressing unresolved conflicts and traumas.
  3. Existential Therapy: Explores questions of meaning, freedom, and responsibility, helping individuals confront existential concerns and find purpose and fulfillment in life.
  4. Person-Centered Therapy: Provides a supportive and non-directive environment where clients can explore their feelings, experiences, and values, with the therapist serving as a facilitator of self-discovery and personal growth.
  5. Mindfulness-Based Therapy: Utilizes mindfulness techniques to cultivate present-moment awareness, reduce stress, and promote emotional regulation and overall well-being.
  6. Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT): Integrates cognitive-behavioral techniques with mindfulness and acceptance strategies to help individuals manage intense emotions, improve interpersonal relationships, and develop distress tolerance skills.
  7. Art Therapy: Utilizes creative expression (e.g., drawing, painting, sculpting) as a therapeutic tool to explore emotions, enhance self-awareness, and promote healing and personal growth.

Formun Üstü


Certificated Programmes /Congress:

  • “Aile Danışmanlığı Eğitimi” (450 saat)
  • Prof. Dr. Doğan Şahin “Dinamik Psikoterapi Eğitimi”
  • Prof. Dr. Doğan Şahin “Nevrotiklerde Dinamik Psikoterapi Eğitimi”
  • BDT Derneği Prof.Dr. Hakan Türkçapar “Bilişsel Davranışçı Terapi Eğitimi”
  • Prof.Dr.Gerald R.Weeks “Evlilik ve Cinsel Terapi Entegrasyonu”
  • Prof.Dr. Neşe Kocabaşoğlu, Prof.Dr. Ömer Üre ve Prof.Dr. Orhan Derman  ” Evlilerin Dünyası ve Evlilik Süreçlerinde Profesyonel Danışmanlık”
  • Cinsel Sağlık Enstitüsü Derneği  ” Evlilik ve Çift Terapisi “
  • Cinsel Sağlık Enstitüsü Derneği ” Holistik Cinsel Terapi ”,
  • Teröpatik Kartlar Eğitimi
  • Prof. Dr. Cebrail Kısa “Erken Boşalma Terapisi” eğitimi ve süpervizyonu
  • Prof.Dr. Cebrail Kısa “Vajinismus Terapisi” eğitimi ve süpervizyonu
  • Prof. Dr. Cebrail Kısa “Cinsel Terapi ” süpervizyonu
  • Prof.Dr. Vamık Volkan “Psikanalitik Psikoterapi”
  • Turk Psikolojik Danışma ve Rehberlik Derneği Dr. Nevin Dölek ” Kısa Süreli Çözüm Odaklı Danışmanlık Yaklaşımı”
  • Psikiyatri Psikoloji ve Aile Terapisi Derneği’ “Oyun Terapisi Eğitimi”
  • Türk Psikologlar Derneği “Wechsler Çocuklar İçin Zeka Ölçeğinin (WISC-R) Tanıtımı, Uygulanması ve Yorumlanması Eğitimi “
  • TSE’ ” Kalite Yönetimi, İSO : 9001 ”
  1. Ulusal Aile ve Evlilik Terapileri Kongresi bünyesinde katıldığı Workshoplar:
  • Fatma Torun Reid/ Çiftler Terapisinde Klinik Uygulama Workshop
  • Kurt Hahlweg / Prevention of Couple Distress Workshop
  • Hürol Fışıloğlu / Aile-Evlilik Terapisinde Kullandığım Metaforlar Workshop
  • Maurizio Andolfi / Couple Theraphy in an Intergenerational Approach Workshop